30 March 2014

Shifting Gears

hey there readers,

for the past several weeks, i have shifted my focus to writing essays that address the intersections of race, class, gender & sexuality.

i knew it would only be a matter of time since my life often reflects those intersectionalities, is indeed impacted by it.

i feel i have a responsibility to myself, and others who find kinship within this framework, to speak to, witness, testify, confirm & deconstruct these realities.

more importantly, i am listening to the calling, the pull of gravity that is propelling me to the center & further away from margins.
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although a lot of what has occupied this space speaks to the myriad of issues that consume me (&, i think, those around me), i believe it is time to be more intentional about where these pieces are parked, how much space they take up...

please pardon my dust as i begin the process of  (un)loading & relocating some of my work.  as i shift gears and drive these pieces to another blog.

i'm really excited about this & hope that you will continue to follow me & my eclectic pieces of mind, find something that resonates, & not hesitate to leave your comment (s).  i really appreciate your audience & welcome your feedback.

i'll be sure to keep you posted about my new blog (currently under construction), let you know when it's up & running.

springing forward!

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