04 April 2014

caught between the lines & the lies

inspired by a revolutionary boi

i read your pain today
it was as real & tangible as my own
you summed up the parts of me that are
have been
might be
incoherent & cohesive, the coming & the going
the lows & the lows & the lows
the hollow expectation that life has some meaning
&  purpose for us
we get so lost in the journey
with such a long distance to happiness & well-being
that’s just how fucked up life gets
a very complicated & isolating & accommodating
darkness we uneasily hold on to
knowing its unsafe passage ends with
a destination landmarked by our scars & our fears

we are confused by the choosing
we are at a dead end...we can go no further

still, we wonder if  (& we hope) the light will come
if the invisibility of this fog will lift long enough
for us to find our way back
find a way to change coordinates & forge ahead
though it seems difficult
like it’s too far to turn back
with not a glimmer  not a hope
nor a rainbow
stormy weather…we’re lost in stormy weather

yet our souls are connected…tethered in the mire…in twists of fates
in the roots of ancient trees...tumbled
by our physical and psychic pasts…drawn together
we are each other’s hope
we're but caught between the lines & the lies

today i read your pain & i felt my own
tangible  real  demanding  relentless
unimaginably excruciating
i got lost in it
but we will get to that place &
it will hold us with love & peace & knowing
& grace us with a more reliable barometer
a better map, perhaps a spirit guide
who will prepare us for the storms
navigate a different path
&  we’ll wait patiently for the darkness to pass
for the sun to lighten our hearts & make us believe again
in a life worth living…in ourselves worth loving 
in you & me finding our way

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