21 July 2012

Letter Series #3: Be a Mighty Wind


guess what?  you are so loved, gurl.  don't think for a moment that you're not.  love comes from so many sources including the source within.  you have it within you to generate copious amounts of love...love for your Self. love for others.  keep loving. keep living. keep giving.  you have such a generous heart, my beloved.  you should not be ashamed of this.  should not think that it's a weakness.  it's your Strength, girlfriend.  it's what makes you unique and beautiful.  be beautiful.  be unique.  be you. always.

stay present, dear roro.  stay in the moment. stay in spite of everything else going on in your life.  it is your path.  your journey. your destiny. yours. feel free to be at home wherever you are.  home is in your heart.  home is in your mind.  home is the body you occupy. get situated there and enjoy the sanctuary you've created.  be in love with your Self!  you deserve to be happy.  you deserve to laugh out loud.  you deserve to have a tear fest if you want, damnit! get it on, gurl.  be a sistafriend to you! ha! ain't that something! embrace your Self. let that little gurl come out to play.  she misses you.  show her some love.

and you know what else?  gurl, you're gonna be alright.  don't worry, honey, i've got you.  the Universe has got you.  the Earth holds you steady, so don't be afraid to plant. dig. grow. be abundant.  be a beautiful flower.  hell, be a fuckin' rock! let the sunshine inside even on a cloudy day.  be brilliant. shine your light.  be light. be love. be-lieve. forget all the naysayers. the haters.  oh, gurl, the haters be hatin'! fuck them!  you don't owe them a damn thing. not a thought. not a reason. not an explanation. nada, roro. feel me, chile?  let that shit go and go on ahead with your life. live it like a rock star, sista!
live it like a pisces, cancer, taurus.  be astrological! be phenomenal! be amazing! be a mighty wind!  just be!

enjoy the unexpectedness of life.  it is a life worth living.  you have a life worth loving.  you're loved, gurl.  i love you.  love loves you.  be love. be bold.

with every beat of my heart.
the me inside of you.

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