09 July 2012

The Letter Series: #1 Now is Your Time-Healing is an Inside Job

Date: 28 September 08



You need rest.  Having Faith as a guest in your home has been fun but exhausting.  And it doesn't help that for several nights last week you were up late reading Wayne Dyer and bell hooks, journaling the powerful words written by powerful, spiritual human beings, that spoke to your heart.  Your dear precious heart, beloved, that needs rest.

And although you have been inspired, your body has not had enough sleep or exercise.  You have been off your routine, dear one, and you need to get back on track.

It would be good for you if Faith decides to spend her last night in the Bay Area with Angela.  This way you can get some things done and really plan to have a good night's sleep.  But do enjoy Faith's company because she is a dear friend.  She has brought joy and laughter to you and your time together has been so great.  You realize just how much you miss her.  I do hope you can read this writing.  Maybe your tired eyes are having a hard time making this out, but it's my love note to you.

Now is your time, RoRo.  This is the time for you to really shine and be present!  But rest is very important as in the last day or so you've been a little irritable and agitated.  No one's fault.  You're exhausted.  So get a good night's sleep, my beloved.   Together, we will continue to manifest love and light and good thoughts.  Keep believing in your greatness, which comes from the Goddess within you.

Good night my darling.

Reader: I'm ending this post with a quote I found from SARK's Succulent Wild Woman--because I am a succulently wild thang!

"We contain so much as women. We are so complex, stuffed full of feelings, memories, half-truths, denials, hopes, and yearnings. We deserve to be fully alive psychologically!
Explore your own interior.  Read words from your soul.  You are valuable just as you are.
Remember: Healing is an  inside job."

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