22 September 2011

A Man Was Lynched Yesterday

september 21, 2011
at 11:08 pm, eastern
a brutal murder happened in georgia
state sponsored homicide--a legalized lynching, southern-style
at 8:09, 9:09, 11:09, eastern, pacific, central and beyond...
tears and outrage mingled like thunder and lightening
traveling miles and miles across the land
across the sea, across the sky
even god was crying somewhere
perhaps everywhere...
at 11:08pm eastern
a life was deemed unnecessary
truth was deemed unreachable--a thing too loose to grasp
justice was deemed served. . . . a man was lynched yesterday
and the tears and outrage, the aftermath of losing someone you love
continued to flow, continued to spread
until it was united in one voice, one belief, one sentence...
we are/i am troy davis
and we/i will remember
and we/i will continue to fight
and we/i will know that he and other freedom fighters
will be leading the way from their resting places
and so the struggle continues...

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