24 March 2011

SexyRain (revised 3/26/12)

falling gently against the concrete goes the sound
a delicate melody
a splash of the erotic...thick and swollen...
nimbus. naked. naughty.
intense foreplay. vigorous vibrations.
moisture spreading wet & wild among an arid opening...
oh yes, your flower will grow.

a breath of spring.
a hint of april’s love.
a heavy sigh.
soft. sensual. mouths salivating.
delightful smells.  delicious sounds.
descend. descend. descending...

dampened memories exudes a taste for nature's nectar
tongues thrashing
rain clouds moving in climatic cadences
no need for music...
water carries its own tune.
thunder and lightening scores.

the air is humid
so is the mind...hot and wanting as
precipitation penetrates slowly...deeply
softly pounding the surface of skin...each drop so decadent
like sweat dripping from your lover’s body...a divine luxury
and a luxury so divine...the flood inside is waiting to explode
the dam between the thighs...heavy breaths. panting. purring.
the waters have come to drench your desire
aaaahhh...there is something so sexy about the rain.

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