17 September 2013

The evolution of light

7:33 pm.  I walk into the house from the second floor balcony and into darkness.  I am forced to turn on the lamp at the side of the bed.  Already?
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An end of summer sadness comes over me as the full moon begins to take control of the early night sky, illuminating it like a 100-watt light bulb magnified one thousand times  over.

I make peace with the fact that soon the days will be cut short by the change of season.  I crave summer ale knowing that in a week or so this brand will be out of stock until next year.  Enjoy it while you can, I think, when my next thought brightens my mood...I take notice of the candle burning next to the beautiful flowers I picked just this morning, which had automatically lifted my spirits like a dose of Wellbutrin...I look at the flame and am reminded of what for me is the upside of my sorrow at summer's eminent departure.

I get to burn more candles.

When the days become shorter and darkened by rainclouds or gloomy overcast, candles offer illumination and warmth to the murkiness and complement the sound of rain beating against the window.  I'm feeling mellow already.  I feel new love rising. This transition has to happen.  It is the natural order of things...I go with the evolutionary flow.

I grin at the image I hold of tea light candles and scented votives lining the dresser next to my bed.  Awaiting me is autumn's promise, a winter solstice, and a glimmer of hope. It's an intimacy that comforts me like a warm blanket on a cold November night...
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I smile, reassured that there is beauty and benefit in every season, and there is really no need to dread the passing of summer with its warm days, outdoor music festivals, barbecues, salsa dancing by the lake, summer fruit, sunflowers and heightened passion...The fall carries its own splendor, its own kind of romance. I am certain to be overjoyed with the change of color in the sky, with the leaves on the trees that will shed like a furry animal only to come back renewed and blooming with new life...later...

So on the night of this brilliant full moon, I will  briefly mourn this summer's transit as it gives way to a season of flickering lights, earth tones, and another opportunity to find hope and love and laughter; friendships that turn golden with each sunset; pumpkin pie and beer flavors to match...

Tonight I will take splendor as I slip into the inevitable darkness that seemingly comes much too soon. I slip but land firmly in that space between summer and fall, the evolution of light, adjusting my attitude and warming my heart...I shall enjoy what remains of this season and I embrace what is yet to come.
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Diedra Barber said...

wonderful imagery. felt like i was there with you and now i really want a beer. ;-)