02 July 2012

a personal heat wave

hot.  humid.  my lipstick melts like a popsicle.
brows and foreheads glisten as the fahrenheit rises.
but temperature is not the only thing escalating.  tempers flare.
bodies sweat from the swelling of libidos.
a liquidation sale of love loosens lips like sinking ships.
ground coffee does little to keep my eyes open.
the intensity of the sun shaves time from tawdry thoughts.
i am afraid it will only hide my fresh-ness, the scent of my sultry-ness.
i unmask to find my beauty and some peace of mind.
i find my struggle to resist all things unhealthy is on the battlefield, but may not prepared for the war...
my skin gets darker during the solstice. i am eclipsed and retrograded. i am lunar and solar. simultaneously.
what a time i am having.
my good is fighting evil. neither is winning.
i am in such a consequential and consoling mood.
inside my meter runs while i am parked on a bar bench with enough libation to wet my whistle. hydrating my lust.
i watch the barista's eyes feast on the black silhouette as he tries not to get a hard-on.
that would be too uncomfortable during this shift.
he tucks his erection away, this succulence is inconvenient.
he saves it for his midnight fantasies of dark chocolate flavor--one stroke at a time...
it's cooler this way...

my imagination is dehydrating...
it requires a boost of wetness, something sweeter and more refreshing.
my doubt clouds this recreation.  too hot.  too humid.
i slow down the rising of my mercury.
check my meter.
pay a fine for expired thoughts.  forgive myself this enchantment.
it feels too damn good...
i allow my imagination to melt.  enjoy the coolness of this sound.
being in the wave of this heat is complicated.

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