26 March 2012

Soul Sanctuary

Power (full) Note to Self

Dearest One,

Do nothing to tame your Wild Feminine.
Be exactly who you are. 
With love. 
With compassion.                                                         
Your Home is within you.
It is a sacred home.
Dwell joyously in it.

Sacred. Home. Wild. Feminine. Divine. Powerful.

Listen intently and quietly to the Sound inside. 
The roar and the whisper.
Dance—it carries great rhythm.
You are that rhythm.
Let it move you.
Let it Heal you.
Let it bring you peace.

Intention. Purpose. Rhythm. Dance. Voice.  

Concentrate on your Healing and Wellness 
Make a list of the Contents of your soul—
Conduct an inner inventory. 
Keep moving in your Spiritual Practice of love—
Where you find common ground between
Sitting in silence and breathing.
Stay connected to your Self.
Respect the conscious community that dwells deep in your Soul Sanctuary.

Soul. Sanctuary. Wild. Feminine. Community. Heal. 


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