20 February 2011

Perhaps (A new generation of movement and being)

my grandson likes to sit at the back of the bus.
my instincts say “no!”
but perhaps he has overcome the
cultural, psychic, and racial trauma that once
belonged to our people,
perhaps he hears the ancient whispers of the ancestors,
they tell him his path is open, he can now lead a new way,
fight a new fight, build a new legacy…
perhaps he is of the generation that is re-appropriating
a practice once so dehumanizing, where
folks of color with weary hands and tired souls
were forced by a code of laws
to yield to dominant and appropriating thugs,
who, by the end of the day,
had worked hard to keep us in psychic chains,
and allowed back-row only seats to our misery
as reminders of our place in this life.
perhaps his tiny feet, has found a place for him to rest
after a day of friendly play at the park
that only the back of the bus can bring.
perhaps my historical fears are unfounded,
and perhaps he is just a happy little 4-year old boy
whose time has come to sit on the back of the bus
not because some prohibitive creed says he must,
but perhaps that is where some other
revolution will soon take place.

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