26 January 2010

Self-LoveLetter #1

Self-love Letter #1, 2/14/08

Dear Beloved RoRo,

i love it that you smile,
even when things are uncertain,
even when you are going through hard times.
how you give even when you are in need.
i love it when you laugh out loud,
it makes life more bearable
and our sacred heart stronger.

i appreciate your taking time
to meditate,
to show yourself loving-kindness,
and that your belief in yourself
grows with each passing moment and day.

i am grateful to you,
Beloved roro,
for sticking to your weight-loss goal,
exercising daily and watching what you eat.
and most of all, i am thankful for you
just the way you are!

may you continue to grow,
love, and
be well within.

love forever,

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